About University

N. P. Ogarev Mordovia State University is a reputed institute for higher education in Russia. It is a nationally and internationally recognized university. It was founded on 2nd October 1957 on the basis of the Mordovia State Pedagogical Institute, organized on October 1, 1931. The foundation of N. P. Ogarev Mordovia State University was a stepping stone in the future of higher education in Mordovia. The university is now ranked among the topmost universities of Russia and is one of the largest centers of higher education, science, and culture in Russia. The Mordovia State University is officially recognized by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation. Founded as the Agronomy Pedagogical Institute, the institution got its university status in 1957 and was renamed Ogarev Mordovia State University. The University was awarded the title of National Research University by the federal government in 2010.

This university offers courses and programs leading to officially recognized higher education degrees such as bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, doctorate degrees in several areas of study. The university’s several departments related to scientific discipline, are also involved in researches of various kinds. Therefore, the university has earned the status of a leading institute in research and technology as well. The university provides both theoretical and practical education and training related to the discipline of higher education and science.

There are programs in this university for the training. The university has a very diverse educational program for the students. There are 7 academic institutes and 9 faculties. The university offers more than 100 courses for both local and international students. The courses are aimed at providing quality higher education, at both undergraduate and graduate levels. The university also has a Ph.D. program available for the students, therefore it encourages research in almost all the fields of study. There is a provision for part-time, full time and evening programs for the students. In other words, it recognizes the needs of students and has a versatile teaching structure in place.

The University is located in Saransk, which is in the Central part of Russia, 600 kilometers from the capital city, Moscow. The university currently houses about five thousand students and the number of total students is around about twenty thousand currently. The number of foreign students is close to two thousand.

At present, the Ogarev Mordovia State University features 89 departments and 1151 skilled teaching faculties. To date, the university has trained more than 22000 people from 57 regions of Russia and Europe, Asia, Africa, and America. In the last 10 years, the number of international students has increased by 10 times. In the year 2014 Ogarev Mordovia State University has enrolled over 600 international students from across the world including Abkhazia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Hungary, Vietnam, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Georgia, Egypt, India, Jordan, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Lithuania, Moldova, Mongolia, Namibia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Poland, Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, and Sri Lanka.

The Total Duration Of Study In Full-Time/Part-Time (Evening) Forms Of Study:

  • Five to six years for the training of specialists
  • Four to five years for the bachelor's degree
  • Two to two and a half years for the master's degree
  • For MBBS, the duration is six to seven years, which includes classroom education and practical training

The University Awards The Following Diplomas And Degrees:

  • Graduate
  • Candidate of science
  • Doctor of science
  • Bachelors
  • Masters

The university provides one of the best training programs in Russia. For the training of specialists, lectures, laboratory, seminars, and practical classes – are some of the mediums through which the students are trained.

After completing the training, those who have completed the curriculum are awarded a Russian state diploma of the established form on higher education and qualifications.

01   Our Mission

In the 21st century our aim is simply to provide quality higher education and build leaders for their field. Our MBBS program, and other science and technology programs, have invested a lot of time and resources in research.The education at our university is open for both local and international students. We promote diversity in each field and are willing to provide equal opportunities to every student who wishes to pursue their career at our university.

The aim is to fulfill the students’ need for education, training, and employment. We have been successful in doing so for so many years, and we will continue to do so in the future as well. We want to do our part in the service of humanity.

02   Educational Standard

The university provides education in the state language – Russian, for many programs, training, and specialties. Since the university has been taking foreign students for a long time, therefore, for them, the medium of education for them is English. The university follows an international curriculum for different subjects. The university is internationally recognized. The students come from different countries, and gain their degrees and work in various countries. The medical degree of the university is recognized in India by the Medical Council of India, now renamed as National Medical Commission, and WDOMS.

03   Our Achievements

The university has 7 research and development institutes and 16 research laboratories. Students from 20 countries around the world have come to this university. The intake of foreign students has been rising subsequently over the years. One of the major achievements of the university is its contribution to scientific research. Currently, the university is considered one of the best universities in Russia for higher education. Similarly, in science and technology, and in the medical field, the intake has been rising, new researches are being undertaken. Overall, internationally, this university has become a top choice for students.

Reasons to Choose us

Ogarev Mordovia State University is the leading university and is the center of higher education, science, and culture of the Republic of Mordovia. The specialty is also with the extracurricular activities taking place on the campus. The rich culture on the campus allows students to explore the Russian culture and celebrate their own as well. Mordovia State University provides quality MBBS education at an affordable cost, especially in the line with the budget of middle-class families. The university has an easy admission process with no entrance or language tests. NEET qualification is the only requirement for admission in the university.

Indian students are required to score at least 50 percent in their 12th standard in PCB (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology). On the other hand, the duration of the program is 6 years, with education imparted in the English language.

01   6-Year MBBS Program

Ogarev Mordovia State University offers a 6-year for MBBS in Russia. Besides Russia, the medical degree awarded by Ogarev Mordovia State University is valid in India, the United States of America, Canada, and countries in Europe and worldwide. The organizations like the National Medical Council (NMC) in India (earlier MCI), Medical Council of Canada (MCC), World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS), and the medical board in states of the United States of America, along with medical boards of several other countries recognize the degree as well. Therefore, the employment opportunity is always present, to work in other countries.

02   Strong Academic Base

The MBBS curriculum of the university is based on an international curriculum. The university focuses on the quality of education in every manner. And the faculties in the university, are highly trained and highly skilled. The faculties are renowned in Russia. In order to enable the Indian students and other students to pursue their MBBS and higher education here, the university has been providing English medium education since 2016.

The university has well-equipped medical laboratories, therefore the opportunity for resarch is always open.

03   Extensive Research & Training

The university has always focused on practical training. The university has the best doctors who always lend a helping hand to the trainees. The trainees and the students who have studied here, share some really good experiences with these doctors. The learning has been based on practical knowledge, in order to train the budding doctors for real-life situations. The training is based on case-based studies. The motto of the university is to promote humanity, therefore doctors with compassion are trained and created. The trainees are provided the noble opportunity to treat patients under their own guidance.

Validation of Russian Medical Degree

Russian medical degrees are fully recognized in India. Medical Council of India (MCI) is now renamed as National Medical Commission (NMC). The purpose of this institution is to recognize the Medical degrees and enabling doctors to work in Indian hospitals and medical institutes. They organize a screening test that every doctor who has studied in Russia, has to go through and pass, and only then they can be a part of the Indian medical setup. Foreign Medical Graduates Examination (FMGE) is an examination conducted by the National Board of Examinations (NBE) in India. Any Indian citizen or overseas citizen of India who obtains their medical degree from countries outside India but wants to get provisional or permanent registration with the Medical Council of India must qualify for the MCI Screening Test/FMGE. Along with India, countries like Canada, the USA, and others have different screening processes for recognizing Russian Medical Degrees.

Fee Structure of MBBS For Academic Year 2021-2022

3,40,000 RUB/YEAR 3,40,000 RUB/YEAR 3,40,000 RUB/YEAR 3,40,000 RUB/YEAR 3,40,000 RUB/YEAR 3,40,000 RUB/YEAR
HOSTEL FEES 50,000 RUB/YEAR 50,000 RUB/YEAR 23,000 RUB/YEAR 23,000 RUB/YEAR 23,000 RUB/YEAR 23,000 RUB/YEAR
HEALTH INSURANCE 5500 RUB 5500 RUB 5500 RUB 5500 RUB 5500 RUB 5500 RUB
TOTAL 3,95,500 RUB/YEAR 3,95,500 RUB/YEAR 3,68,500 RUB/YEAR 3,68,500 RUB/YEAR 3,68,500 RUB/YEAR 3,68,500 RUB/YEAR