Hostel and Accommodation at Mordovia University

N. P. Ogarev Mordovia University has been one of the leading institutes in Russia for the last eight decades. The campus of the university is quite vibrant. Mordovia university and the administration prioritizes the comfort & hygiene of students. University arranges housing facilities for all the international students in the dormitories. The local and international students reside in these dormitories with all the available facilities. The university has 17 hostels currently, where about five thousand students are residing currently. The students from different countries are in these hostels. 15 of the 17 hostels are in Saransk only, with one each in Ruzayevka and Kovylkin. The rooms have a double and triple sharing system. These rooms are equipped with beds, desks, chairs, lamps, bookshelves, a refrigerator, a bathroom with a shower, etc. The hostel floors are cleaned regularly and sanitized regularly. The hostels have high-speed Wi-Fi access for the students to use. The university gives proper attention to the security of the students residing at campus premises. Therefore, security checkpoints have been made, as well as provisions have been made for authorized entry only. The security also takes care of the international students and their grievances are addressed properly. There are strict rules made for use of the hostel premises, therefore the hostels are safe for living. Particular attention is paid to creating a safe living environment. The dormitories are equipped with an automatic fire alarm and voice warning system.

Research and Training centers at Mordovia University

Apart from quality education, scientific research has been the focus of the university’s curriculum. The university is in fact one of the leading research centers in Russia. There are about 20 branches of science education, which have been undertaking research in different fields. Students are encouraged to be a part of scientific research. Apart from scientific research, pedagogical learning is also encouraged. The MBBS program is also one of the most reputed programs of the university. The MBBS program is one of the best, because of the quality of learning and curriculum. The university follows an international curriculum for almost all the subjects. The university’s research centers are well equipped. The budding doctors are trained by the best specialists in the field. In order to integrate scientific, educational, and production processes at the university, a modern system of research, innovation, and implementation structures has been formed: 127 research laboratories and centers, including 5 centers for collective use, as well as a technology transfer center, a center for youth innovative creativity, 7 youth innovation centers, 10 student design bureaus.

Educational Activities at Mordovia University

The university has focused and invested a lot in innovative educational activities. Since the university encourages research, there are provisions for full funding of the researches undertaken at the university. The university organizes three All – Russian Olympiads per year for different centers. The university has a rich publishing history. The students here publish about 1500 papers per year in different fields. Some papers and journals are even published in recognized international journals. The student’s achievements are celebrated at this university. International students have a very different kind of exposure due to the university’s enriched educational endeavors. There are regular quizzes and other competitions, where students take part. The university has a library with a big collection of books related to all the fields which are being taught, as well as other educational books. The libraries also have published research and papers of the students of this university in the collection.

Foreign Students at Mordovia University

The university has been working constantly on international students’ admission and training for the last three decades. Many students from America and Africa got their education in the initial days. Now currently, the university has been undertaking admission from about 50 countries in different departments. MBBS is one of the most sought programs at the university, where several Indian students take admission every year. From the last 10 – 15 years, the undertake of foreign students have been increasing constantly. Currently, 2130 foreign citizens from more than 50 countries of the near and far abroad study at the university at various faculties and institutes: Abkhazia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Algeria, Armenia, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Great Britain, Vietnam, Guinea, Georgia, Egypt, Zambia, Zimbabwe, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Iraq, Iran, Spain, Italy, Yemen, Kazakhstan, Cameroon, Camor Islands, Kenya, China, Colombia, Congo, Ivory Coast, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Madagascar, Morocco, Moldova, Pakistan, Palestine, Peru, Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Tajikistan, Togo, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Chad, Ecuador, Eritrea, South Africa, and South Sudan.

Student Life at Mordovia University

Mordovia University has many activity centers, from scientific activities to sports, library, other charity and public works, etc. The students are encouraged to participate in different activities like seminars, and lectures, etc. The students of the university often present in youth conferences. The students are motivated to juggle both academic requirements and take an active part in the sports activities. The university has a really good sports center. The university has a swimming pool, mini football stadium, and arrangements and infrastructure for various other games. The university organizes tournaments in many games like football, table tennis, tennis, swimming, arm sport, boxing, skiing, badminton, Kyokushin, ski race, and others.

The main focus behind promoting games is basically to promote mental and physical health and to lower stress levels. Apart from sports, cultural activities are celebrated prominently in the university. The university houses students, faculty, and researchers from many countries, and due to the vibrant culture of the campus, local and international festivals are celebrated. One can find local as well as international cuisines on the campus.

The culture of Russia is on display in the city of Saransk and other neighboring cities. The capital city of Moscow is about 600 kilometers away from here. One can always travel at relatively cheaper prices in public transportation in Russia. The Russian culture, festivals, and cuisines are one of the many good things that the city and the campus have to offer. The students are encouraged to take part in charity and other social activities. Students of this university have stepped up more than often for several social causes. The university organizes many seminars and workshops on several social issues, which makes the students aware.

There are many students who are involved in theatre and drama. On different occasions, they perform in several plays and dramas. They also act on different social issues and awareness issues. The campus is very much vocal on all sorts of social issues. The university provides the opportunity for overall development to the students.

Indian Students on the Campus of Mordovia University

Indian students occupy a good number in the university. The university has graduated several Indian students and many are still pursuing research there. The reason behind the good number of Indian students is the minimum requirement of marks for admission. MBBS is the most sought-after degree among Indian students. The requirements for which are merely 50 percent marks in 12th standard in science stream with Physics, Chemistry and Biology, and qualification of NEET. Apart from MBBS, other centers and departments also have Indian students. The Indian students are in a sizeable number in the university documentaries. Due to the good political relations between Russia and India, the number of Indian students is increasing constantly. There are many perks for Indian students. Admission and easy accommodation are just starters. There is easy visa processing for Indian students. Many courses do not require language proficiency tests. There are provisions for scholarships for these students. Indian students, who pursue MBBS from here, can work anywhere in the world including their own country. The Indian festivals are celebrated with great zeal and pomp at the university. Holi, Diwali, Eid, among other festivals are part of the university campus. Indian students also get to experience other festivals of Russia and other parts.

The professors at the university are supportive, the security staff is helpful, and any grievances or complaints are addressed on a priority basis. The campus is safe for students of all nationalities and races.

The hostel mess has provisions for Indian food. Apart from that on special occasions and festivals, Indian food is available. There are varieties in Indian cuisine. The students are also allowed to cook their own food apart from having mess food.

Campus Life

The campus of Mordovia University is vibrant and modern in every sense. The education here has developed with time and has incorporated all the developments, social and scientific, over time. The University’s history has progressed with humanity’s achievements in the last century, and it continues to develop even today. The university has taken care of all the students, staff, researchers, and professors, in terms of education and other support. It has an easy admission process and a vibrant environment for studying. The teaching style is modern. Extracurricular activities are promoted. Sports, research, and drama are all souls of the university. The university campus is safe for everyone. There is no place for hate, bullying, or racism on campus. It is a safe campus for all students with the best education, best accommodation, best infrastructure, and all sorts of cuisines.